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Hi,My name is Melissa...Welcome to my Blog!
Can u handle the truth group was formed to voice your opinion about todays Society.We may agree to disagree but it will allow you to express yourself freely!! I decided to create this name because most people can't handle the truth.I have also grown to know a group of intellectual administrators whom will post topics that we all can relate to...As we ask that everyone respect one anothers views and options...So we ask...Can u handle the truth?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

At what age do you let your children go even if you see them going downhill


  1. There is no age limit. I stay in my childrens business,whether they like it or not. They will thank me in the end. They will always need you,no matter how much they say they won't. They will need your guidance, maybe a place to say, or just an ear. You will not stand for your child to keep making the same ole mistakes over and over again. At least if you step in you can prevent alot of things from happening. Trust me some kids want their parents to reach out to them but are afraid to ask. So my children can be 40 and i'm 65 imma stay in their business or they will hear my voice whether they like it or not

  2. that's my final answer and i'm sticking 2/it!!!! lol