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Hi,My name is Melissa...Welcome to my Blog!
Can u handle the truth group was formed to voice your opinion about todays Society.We may agree to disagree but it will allow you to express yourself freely!! I decided to create this name because most people can't handle the truth.I have also grown to know a group of intellectual administrators whom will post topics that we all can relate to...As we ask that everyone respect one anothers views and options...So we ask...Can u handle the truth?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

If you were out & you saw your friend's husband/boyfriend with another woman, would you tell? Or what would you do?


  1. Yes I would tell especially if I know my friend is good to this man. Now if they are on rocky terms, then I may consider especially if i know she is doing her thing on the side too. However if he is a bumb, don't contribute nothing, all they ever argue about is what he doesn't do or not doing to contribute then he has the nerve to be out with another female, I'm calling and passing the phone to him. Yep yes I would. Now whatever she does with the information after that or decide if she is still gonna be with him, then if i see it again i wouldn't tell anymore

  2. Yes...I love playing inspector gadget or 007...matter a fact I'm following and see if my friend can meet me at the location...and if she wants to roll on them like we're a two person swat team I'm in...Now if I wasted my time...they're all getting a good lash of the tongue and don't call me if you have any problems with him