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Can u handle the truth group was formed to voice your opinion about todays Society.We may agree to disagree but it will allow you to express yourself freely!! I decided to create this name because most people can't handle the truth.I have also grown to know a group of intellectual administrators whom will post topics that we all can relate to...As we ask that everyone respect one anothers views and options...So we ask...Can u handle the truth?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back Seat Drivers. Do you have any friends who always want you to drive, but always have to tell you which way to turn, which way to go or say things like U KNOW U TOOK THE LONG WAY

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  1. I hate that. I'm always the driver anyway, I don't think i NEVER sat in any1's passenger seat since I've had my license. Anyway, I hate when people try to tell u which way to go, or that i took the long way,or turn here, or u should have turned there. STFU and sit back & enjoy the ride. You have all this 2/say but never said you wanna drive. Geesh,I hate that!!!!